nOverlay - for when an overlay gets in your way!

Tint the web pages you visit without a coloured overlay - Choose from the bundled colour profiles or create your very own!

With nOverlay you get to choose how you view the web!


Your browsing history is your own: nOverlay doesn't record or report any personal information or browsing data - Ever!.

Easy to use

Just a couple of clicks and the web pages you visit will be tinted with your preferred colour with no need to restart the browser!


nOverlay's profile system and optional advanced configuration give you full control. You can even force web pages to use the OpenDyslexic font!

What is nOverlay and who is behind it?

nOverlay (as in no-overlay) is a browser extension that tints web pages without the need for a physical or software overlay. nOverlay was originally written by myself (Daniel Kennard) for my wife Julie after she was diagnosed with dyslexia whilst at University. She found that both traditional and software coloured overlays "washed out" on screen text making it more difficult to read and that the tinted images were off-putting - nOverlay is the result of her frustrations and she has since assured me that she now can't browse the web without it!

How can nOverlay help me?

Far from being just an aid for web users with dyslexia, nOverlay can potentially make browsing easier for users with scotopic sensitivity syndrome / visual stress, migraines, various eyesight issues and more. Being a night owl I tend to do a lot of my work in the evenings & early hours of the morning although I have an eyesight condition called Keratoconus which renders me particularly sensitive to bright light - The stark white backgrounds on many websites are often a bit too much for my eyes to handle but enabling nOverlay with a light yellow tint really takes off the harsh edge for me and allows me to work and browse much more comfortably (even though I should be sleeping).

Is my information safe?

Your web browser may require nOverlay to ask for permission to access browsing data before being installed. This isn't anything to be worried about because nOverlay will not record or report back any of your browsing habits at all - it just needs some information from the browser so that it will function correctly in all tabs, nothing more. nOverlay is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from users and doesn't collect any data for advertising or promotional reasons.

How can I help?

I'm glad you asked - you can contribute with whatever you can afford (every penny helps) and spread the word by sharing nOverlay using the the social buttons below. The more people that learn about nOverlay and provide feedback the better it becomes!

You can also leave a review on the Chrome store.

In addition to the above you can also submit a bug report if you find something that doesn't quite work right. I've worked hard to make nOverlay as stable as possible and bug reports will help to make it more so.

Pay what you think nOverlay is worth and I'll give 50% to worthy causes!

A lot of assistive software is unfortunately priced out of the budget range of people who could genuinely benefit from it. This is why I have made nOverlay available to everybody at no cost. Having said that, nOverlay does cost money and time to develop so contributions are certainly encouraged from users who can afford it. Such contributions are optional but doing so helps to keep nOverlay in development and food on the table :)

In addition I will donate a massive 50% of all payments for nOverlay (after Paypal fees) to charities and worthy causes that help people with conditions such as dyslexia, scotopic sensitivity syndrome, visual stress and more! - So not only will you be helping the nOverlay project you'll also be helping worthy causes!

Step 1:

Choose a fair price



Step 2:

Pay 50% to nOverlay and 50% to worthy causes

If you have any problems or queries then please feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to help.

Step 3:

Sleep well knowing you've helped nOverlay and worthy causes to continue working!